• Face Card Facts

    There are 12 face cards are in a standard deck. The King, Queen, and Jack of each suit are counted. Aces don’t count as face cards. The Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts are both facing sideways, and are nicknamed one-eyed jacks since only one eye is visible.

  • History of KEM

    KEM Cards began producing playing cards during the first half of the 1930s. The company’s proprietary manufacturing methods gave KEM cards the enviable title of the first mass-produced plastic playing card. Made of cellulose acetate, KEM cards were bendable, washable and retained their shape long after paper-based cards had withered and died. Excerpt from History of KEM

  • Suits

    The standard suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, & spades) are derived from the French deck, which were derived from the German deck. The French suited deck has spawned many regional variations known as standard patterns based on their artwork and deck size. French cards are the most widespread due to the influence of France and the United Kingdom in the past two centuries. Another reason for their expansion was the simplicity of the suit insignia.

  • The Ace Card

    Historically, the ace had the lowest value. Many European decks, including the French and Latin suited decks, do not use the ace, instead keeping the numeral "1". The "ace high" happened over time due to different card games from around the world. Modern games, such as Poker and Blackjack, allow the player to choose if the ace is high or low.

  • Custom Cards

    There are artists out there who use playing cards as a medium. Whether it's the construction of the card (such as the carbon fiber deck pictured here), or the cards are used to show off their artwork, it is a gold mine of unique options for us collectors. My Custom Card Collection

  • Novelty Cards

    Round, zig-zag, tiny, or huge, novelty cards catch your eye. These cards are different sizes, shapes, or made of different materials than your standard deck of cards. Novelty cards could also include advertising, but for the sake of my collection, and categorization, advertising cards will not be included in this category. My Novelty Card Collection