The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack holding a jack-o-lantern

Front of deck and card back design

This is a standard poker size 52 card deck with two jokers. The face cards and aces, as well as the jokers are characters from the movie. The jack and queen cards of all four suits are Jack and Sally, and the king cards are the Mayor. Each one is slightly different pose/facial expression. The ace of spades is Jack, and the ace of diamonds, hearts, and clubs are Lock, Shock, and Barrel respectively. The jokers are Scary Teddy. They are unsealed, but still in the original plastic case. These were only available at Disneyland New Orleans Square during the holiday makeover of the Haunted Mansion in 2003. 

Haunted Mansion Playing Cards side of deckThese are official Disney Parks Haunted Mansion playing cards. These were first issued in 2011.  The back design is glow in the dark, and the ace and face cards each have one of the four portraits from the stretching room at the beginning of the ride.  These were only available at Disney Parks and is in its original packaging and the cards are still plastic sealed. This deck’s outer cardboard cover has wear damage on the edges. I have two of this deck.