Deadwood HBO

Front of deck

This is a deck of playing cards featuring characters from the HBO original show, Deadwood. This is a 52 card deck, with two joker cards. The jokers, jack, queen, king, and ace cards all feature characters from the show. Number cards are standard, but feature only one large pip of the suit in the center, instead of the corresponding number. The deck also contains two cards stating “For promotional use only. Not for resale,” with the HBO logo. The deck is unsealed, and the tuck box has wear damage, but the cards unused, still in numerical order.

Ragnar Las Vegas

Ragnar cards were issued to each team captain

Ragnar Relay is a 200 mile, 2 day, team relay run. These runs take place all over the country. This deck of cards was given as a captain’s gift. Every race, there is a gift just for the team captain, and the captain for the team I ran on gave hers to me.

These cards were not for sale. They are unused and sealed.