Bicycle Call of Cthulhu: The Writhing Dark

Front of deck showing the limited edition details

The Call of Cthulhu: The Writhing Dark Playing Cards features the artwork of Shane Tyree.  The cards are officially licensed by Chaosium Games, publisher of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game, and are based on the stories of H. P. Lovecraft.

These cards were released in two editions, standard and limited. This deck is one of the limited edition decks, signed by the artist with a holofoil numbered seal.  Only 1,000 of these were produced, printed December, 2015. Additionally, the tuck box for the Limited Edition deck features raised faces, tentacles, and lettering.  The cards feature custom artwork and pips. 

Haunted Mansion Playing Cards side of deckThese are official Disney Parks Haunted Mansion playing cards. These were first issued in 2011.  The back design is glow in the dark, and the ace and face cards each have one of the four portraits from the stretching room at the beginning of the ride.  These were only available at Disney Parks and is in its original packaging and the cards are still plastic sealed. This deck’s outer cardboard cover has wear damage on the edges. I have two of this deck.

Ragnar Las Vegas

Ragnar cards were issued to each team captain

Ragnar Relay is a 200 mile, 2 day, team relay run. These runs take place all over the country. This deck of cards was given as a captain’s gift. Every race, there is a gift just for the team captain, and the captain for the team I ran on gave hers to me.

These cards were not for sale. They are unused and sealed.

Airplane Spotter Playing Cards WWII

Front of deck

Spotter Deck playing cards were first issued in 1943 to help train Civil Defense ground observers. This authentic reproduction deck includes three silhouettes on the face of the card: front view, side view and a view of the bottom of the aircraft as it would be seen from the ground. Includes airplanes from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and Italy.

This deck is produced by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., and is often found in military museum gift shops. This deck is unopened sealed in its original box.

United States Marine CorpsThis is a gift shop deck of United States Playing cards. They were purchased at a Naval air weapons station. The back design are as seen in the picture. The fronts of the cards are standard face cards and pips.

This deck is sealed in its original box.