“Politicards 2012 casts today’s most popular political players as characters from classic feature films. Selected and ranked by national polls, the leading election year politicians, pundits and celebs are caricatured by Politicards creator and award-winning illustrator Peter Green.”

This deck a standard poker sized deck with 52 cards, each card face featuring a different caricature, with blue spade and club pips, and two jokers, the Democrat donkey and the Republican elephant. This deck is still sealed. Politicards have been issued for every election year beginning in 1996, though the first deck was released in 1972. I have a deck for every year except for 1996.

2012 Politicards, Guess who's who, doing what in D.C.?

Front of deck

Everyone's a wild card!

Back of deck

Kennedy Kards Playing Cards

Front of deck

Kennedy Kards were published in 1963 by Humor House. This bridge sized deck has the standard 52 cards with one joker card (the joker is the Democratic Party donkey). The face cards are members of the Kennedy family as well as other officials. JFK is the Jack of Hearts, Jackie Kennedy is the Queen of Hearts, and Bobby Kennedy, the King of Diamonds. An informational card is included which proclaims, “Long live the King, Queen and Jack.” Lyndon Johnson was the Jack of Clubs, and within the year he would be president.

I have two decks of these. My first deck was won on an eBay auction and came with three Robert Kennedy for President buttons. The deck is open, and while the outer box is dirty and slightly warn the cards are in very good condition. I also have a second deck still sealed (pictured), but the plastic is yellowed, dried out, and cracking off. The package is in perfect condition underneath.

Additional cards included

Joker, information card, and Ace of Spades

Les Grande Rois de France

Front of deck

Les Grande Rois de France (The Great Kings of France) features reproductions of royal paintings of royalty on the face cards. Face cards are marked with the French markings, so the suits are trèfles (clubs♣), carreaux (diamonds⋄), cœurs (hearts♥), and piques (spades♠), The ace is the 1 card, and the face cards are the valet (jack), the dame (queen), and the roi (king). They are printed by Editions Dusserre in Saint-Max. Image below is the only image I could find showing some of the face cards, as this deck is sealed. Some cards may be different as the image shown was by a deck printed by Editions Dusserre location in Paris, and therefore, may be a different edition. 

Airplane Spotter Playing Cards WWII

Front of deck

Spotter Deck playing cards were first issued in 1943 to help train Civil Defense ground observers. This authentic reproduction deck includes three silhouettes on the face of the card: front view, side view and a view of the bottom of the aircraft as it would be seen from the ground. Includes airplanes from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and Italy.

This deck is produced by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., and is often found in military museum gift shops. This deck is unopened sealed in its original box.

United States Marine CorpsThis is a gift shop deck of United States Playing cards. They were purchased at a Naval air weapons station. The back design are as seen in the picture. The fronts of the cards are standard face cards and pips.

This deck is sealed in its original box.