Kennedy Kards Playing Cards

Front of deck

Kennedy Kards were published in 1963 by Humor House. This bridge sized deck has the standard 52 cards with one joker card (the joker is the Democratic Party donkey). The face cards are members of the Kennedy family as well as other officials. JFK is the Jack of Hearts, Jackie Kennedy is the Queen of Hearts, and Bobby Kennedy, the King of Diamonds. An informational card is included which proclaims, “Long live the King, Queen and Jack.” Lyndon Johnson was the Jack of Clubs, and within the year he would be president.

I have two decks of these. My first deck was won on an eBay auction and came with three Robert Kennedy for President buttons. The deck is open, and while the outer box is dirty and slightly warn the cards are in very good condition. I also have a second deck still sealed (pictured), but the plastic is yellowed, dried out, and cracking off. The package is in perfect condition underneath.

Additional cards included

Joker, information card, and Ace of Spades

Caricatures of Kennedy family members

Back of deck

Spades and Hearts face cards

Jackie Kennedy and John F. Kennedy are the queen and jack of hearts


Bobby Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson are the king of diamonds and jack of clubs respectively