Arcana Tarot Playing Cards

Front of deck

The Arcana Tarot deck mixes traditional playing cards with the Tarot. This deck is a standard poker sized deck featuring the standard 52 cards. Each of the royal court cards and the four aces are beautifully drawn custom artworks, created in an engraved style. Instead of the usual joker cards, this deck contains four extra cards showcasing the four major arcana cards (The Fool, The Lovers, Death, and The Tower). Number cards contain standard pips, along with corresponding tarot symbols of cups, swords, wands, and pentacles. Printed by USPCC, these cards feature a natural pearled tuck, with embossing and blue foil on the interior. This deck is an official backer deck, and comes with a backer card numbered 2227 of 4200, and signed by the artist, Chris Ovdiyenko.

Mirrored tree

Back of deck and card back design

Arcana Official Backer Deck 2227 of 4200

Official backer deck certification signed by the artist

Sample card faces

A sampling of the card face artwork, including The Fool and Death major arcana cards