Bicycle Dragon Back Red

Front of deck

Bicycle Dragon Red boasts a mirror image dragon design on the front and four-way dragon design on the back. This style also comes in blue, gold, green, and yellow. The heart and diamond pip colors match each color deck, and the face card colors correspond with the dragon colors. The Dragon Back Red deck has red and gold face cards, and the heart and diamond pips are red. This deck comes with 2 standard Jokers (one color matching, one black and white), and a double backed gaff card.

This deck was released after supposedly being discovered by a USPCC employee looking through a book of old card back designs. The Dragon Back was designed decades ago, possibly in the early 20th century, but there is no record of it ever being produced.  – Playing Cards Wiki

This deck is sealed in original package.

Dragon Back Red

Back of deck

Card Faces

Card face designs showing red heart pip (not shown: red pip color is also blue)