Artifice in purple

Front of deck

Artifice is a line of playing cards designed and produced by Ellusionist, printed by USPCC using an exclusive performance coating to make these work well for cardistry and magic performances. The purple deck is one of the second edition colors. There are also second edition, version 2 options that have a white border on the card back, which is better suited for magic tricks. The face cards and pips are custom colored to match the deck color. This deck has a sleek and sophisticated feel, with a pinstriped, silver metallic lined art on the tuck case, and modern lined royalty cards. This is a standard poker sized deck with 52 standard cards, two custom jokers (one showing a card reveal), and a double backed gaff card. This deck is still sealed in its original packaging.The top of the card reads “Ars Est Celare Artem” which is Latin for “it is art to conceal art.” 

Purple background with silver design

Back of deck and back of card design

Sample face cards showing custom coloring

Sample card faces