Bicycle Mayhem

Front of deck

Mayhem is a Bicycle branded, custom deck created by the Cardicians. They were published by USPCC, and was a Kickstarter funded project. The name Mayhem was chosen due to the the mix of styles brought into the composition, giving it a feeling of chaos. The deck includes custom face cards, custom pips, and custom joker cards.  The tuck case is black with a deep burgundy/blood red and gold designs complete with a custom seal with a stylized M. The card faces are a rich burgundy/blood red, with black and gold detailing. Visit the (now completed) campaign page for images of all of the cards included in the deck. This is a standard poker sized deck containing 52 cards plus two jokers, still sealed in its original packaging. 



Back of deck and center square showing back of card design

Mayhem Ace of Spades

Ace of spades