This is a standard bridge sized deck of playing cards featuring New York New York printed atop a gold image of the city skyline which includes the twin towers. These are typical souvenir shop style cards, still sealed in shrink wrap. When the cards were printed is unknown, though it seems unlikely that they were printed post 9/11.

New York New York

Front of deck

Joker card

Back of deck

This is a deck of souvenir playing cards from the town of Bar Harbor, Maine. The card back shows a collage of images of the harbor town from different angles and times of day. This is a standard poker sized deck and is sealed in the original plastic and tuck case.

Bar Harbor Playing Cards

Front of box and card back design

Bar Harbor Playing Cards Back

Back of box

Arcana Tarot Playing Cards

Front of deck

The Arcana Tarot deck mixes traditional playing cards with the Tarot. This deck is a standard poker sized deck featuring the standard 52 cards. Each of the royal court cards and the four aces are beautifully drawn custom artworks, created in an engraved style. Instead of the usual joker cards, this deck contains four extra cards showcasing the four major arcana cards (The Fool, The Lovers, Death, and The Tower). Number cards contain standard pips, along with corresponding tarot symbols of cups, swords, wands, and pentacles. Printed by USPCC, these cards feature a natural pearled tuck, with embossing and blue foil on the interior. This deck is an official backer deck, and comes with a backer card numbered 2227 of 4200, and signed by the artist, Chris Ovdiyenko.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack holding a jack-o-lantern

Front of deck and card back design

This is a standard poker size 52 card deck with two jokers. The face cards and aces, as well as the jokers are characters from the movie. The jack and queen cards of all four suits are Jack and Sally, and the king cards are the Mayor. Each one is slightly different pose/facial expression. The ace of spades is Jack, and the ace of diamonds, hearts, and clubs are Lock, Shock, and Barrel respectively. The jokers are Scary Teddy. They are unsealed, but still in the original plastic case. These were only available at Disneyland New Orleans Square during the holiday makeover of the Haunted Mansion in 2003. 

This is a 43 card match pairs card game. There are 21 matching pairs of cards and one “Old Hag” card. Deck includes instruction card. The side of the box declares “Let’s Scare Up Some Spooky Fun!” The game is created by Bethany Lowe Designs.

Old Hag Card Game

Front of deck

Spooky fun for all ages! by Bethany Lowe Designs

Back of deck

Sample cards

Rules, Old Hag, and sample playing card