The Don't Drown Out There Decd

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This deck is complete with 56 illustrate cards showing water safety tipstips and advice. These cards are plastic coated and water resistant, so you can carry them with you to the pool, beach, or on a boat trip. I bought these at the Eastern Sierra Visitor’s Center, which is located at the portal to Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in the continental United States) and Death Valley (North America’s lowest point). Published by The Mountaineers.

Topics are organized by card suit. ⋄Diamonds: Marine safety and survival, featuring common diseases, water disinfection, distress signals, and procedures for abandoning ship; ♠Spades: Marine hazards such as dangerous marine life, carbon monoxide poisoning, and fishhook removal ♥Hearts: Marine first aid, including rescue breathing, CPR, shock, hypothermia, and heat exhaustion; ♣Clubs: More marine first aid, including treatment of seasickness, baro-trauma, and fractures.

Go Fish!

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