The Don't Freeze Out There Deck

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This deck is complete with 56 illustrate cards showing cold weather survival advice. These cards are plastic coated and water resistant, so you can carry them with you on ski trips or winter travel. I bought these at the Eastern Sierra Visitor’s Center, which is located at the portal to Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in the continental United States) and Death Valley (North America’s lowest point). Published by The Mountaineers.

Topics are organized by card suit. ⋄Diamonds: Snow travel and hazards – route finding, tree wells, whiteouts, crevices, snowshoes, crampons, glissading, and ice ax self-arrest; ♠Spades: Staying warm and dry – windchill factor, regulating core temperature, and layering shelters; ♥Hearts: Cold-related illness and injury – cold water immersion, shivering, frostbite, hypothermia, chilblains, trench foot, and snow blindness; ♣Clubs: Avalanche safety and survival – gear, probes, transceivers, rescue, and avalanche dogs.

Don't let Jack Frost beat an ace of diamonds

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